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Andrew Krysinski here 👋

Multi-functional brand manager and creative visionary

based in Richmond, VA

I love bringing new life to brands and fostering connectedness amongst teams of creative problem solvers.

"In a world full of hares, Andrew is a tortoise... and we all know who wins the race. He's a very thoughtful and kind individual who marches to the beat of his own drum."

"The opposite of surface level. Andrew's ability to dig in and understand brands pairs well with his dedication to bringing ideas to life with intentional and creative thinking"

"The thinker! Andrew thinks through every detail and does not stop until the work is done to the highest level possible."

"One of the easiest people to talk to from the second you meet him. All of his different genuine interests mean he can talk to anyone and think about problems in really creative ways."

"Andrew is the type of person you'd grab morning coffee with to talk about life. He's the person you can lean on when you need someone to listen."

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