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Brand Territory Design | Breaking SoundCloud out of the platform

Project Ask

Develop a profitable experiential space that transforms Soundcloud from talent incubator to premiere destination for emerging artists.

Keepin' it real 

SoundCloud artists need access to resources, industry knowledge, and a strong network to build a career.

The Solution

A collaborative environment that enhances SoundCloud's current online services and fosters community for artists of all levels.

SoundCloud is the OG

We all know and love SoundCloud, the online music streaming and audio distribution platform that enables users to upload, promote, share and stream audio from just about anywhere.


Underground artists looking to get their start in the music industry notoriously flock to SoundCloud to experiment, network, collaborate, build community, break through the noise, and push culture forward.


The Scene

SoundCloud artists are outliers, disruptors, innovators, risk-takers, and underdogs. They're authentic, driven, gritty, and music is truly what they live for.


However, starting a music career from scratch can be intimidating and is nearly impossible to do alone. Many artists need access to more resources, knowledge, and like-minded people to grow and level up in the music industry. 

Research Findings

SoundCloud exists in a lane of it's own between traditional streaming services and record labels. The platform has found its niche with music newcomers and independent creators.

Both emerging and established artists need collaboration to thrive. Industry professionals are eager to come together and help emerging artists navigate the music industry.

There is a shortage of professional support systems for up-and-coming independent artists.

“The ultimate vision for soundcloud is to have solutions for artists at all phases of their career”

- Eliah Seton, SoundCloud President

“SoundCloud is on a path to transform from talent incubator to destination for artists looking to grow to any level”

- SoundCloud exec interview with Billboard

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We live in the era of the independent artist and SoundCloud is eager to provide more support to help them grow.


Break out of the platform and offer SoundCloud services IRL.


S O U N D C L O U D  Z E R O

a collaborative environment for independent artists to build the careers of their wildest dreams

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SoundCloud Zero Offerings

Forum Series

Opening the doors for industry leaders to come in and mentor artists on best practices for navigating the music industry. Forums will cover a broad range of topics such as building a team, managing finances, creating a personal brand, the importance of mental health, and more.

DB (2).png

Tiered Membership Levels

Access to SoundCloud Zero is vital in helping protect and grow SoundCloud artists, so there is a low price barrier for artists. We have created different membership levels as well as a scholarship option to ensure everyone has access to SoundCloud Zero.

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S T R E E T  L E V E L

The main level of SoundCloud Zero. This space is centered around making connections and growing your career. It is designed for artists to have meetings, attend forums, participate in skillshares, collaborate in flex spaces, and reground in the wellness room.

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S K Y  P A R L O R

The second floor of SoundCloud Zero... this is where the magic happens. This space is centered around making music, mastering your sound, improving your stage presence, and perfecting your personal brand. There is a large professional recording studio, smaller solo recording studios, soundproof jam rooms, dance studios, and conference rooms.

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T H E  U N D E R G R O U N D

The basement level where SoundCloud artists take the stage. A true artist venue, the underground features a sound stage with all the lights, sound, and tech a mid-sized venue would have. There are also three bars with alcohol available for purchase during shows and locations for artists to sell their merchandise during their shows. Ticket purchases will be available to the public.

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The Team

Rossie Hutcheson (Creative Brand Manager)

Justin Zollar (Creative Brand Manager)

Danny Barock (Creative Brand Manager)

My Roles

SoundCloud Brand Research
Musician Research
Music Industry Research
Brand Design
Floor Plan Design
Art Direction
Creative Direction

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