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Upscale Resort Concept | Trailblazing Transformative Wellness

Project Ask

Develop a new resort concept for eager travelers who are looking for an upscale getaway with premium, all-inclusive amenities.

The Movement

The movement of transformative wellness is taking shape in the United States, yet there are no resorts that fully embrace its core practices.

The Opportunity

Create the first ever all-inclusive, upscale wellness resort in the United States that explores the unique benefits of plant-based medicine.

Background 🧳

Over the past four years, the upscale resort category has had its ups and downs. The category reached its peak evaluation at $1.52 trillion in 2019, but due to the pandemic the industry’s evaluation fell considerably below $1 trillion in 2020 and 2021. The good news is, as the world has opened back up, resort travel is back and people are eager to explore.

Vacationers now view travel as an opportunity to improve mental health and wellness

The pandemic made us reframe how we take care of our mental and physical health. While people are still traveling to relax… staying healthy mentally and physically is now the top priority for travelers.

The transformative wellness movement is currently underway 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

The discussion around mental health is as pertinent as ever, and people are now open to remedies outside traditional systems that aid in health and self-exploration.  Plants like Psilocybin (mushrooms), cannabis (THC), and cannabidiol (CBD), are currently being explored to treat and maintain health. 


Doctors, psychologists, scientists, and more have studied these plants and have concluded that there's efficacy relating to its usefulness in improving overall health and wellness. Some are beginning to incorporate plant-based medicine into their practices.


Legislation in the United States is also reflective of this social change. On all levels of government, legislation is actively being passed to decriminalize, legalize, and integrate these plant-based medicines.

Target Audiences...

The Affluent, Experienced Adventurer 💸

45+ years old | $250,000 + income

needs a relaxing escape to find their true self

61% of affluent travelers go on vacation to relax and find peace

64% of Americans 55+ would try plant medicine if legal and/or for healing purposes

84% of people who have taken plant medicine did so to learn more about themselves

The Mindful Nomad 🧘

25 - 40 years old | $100,000 + income

needs a comfortable vacation to improve mental and physical wellness

74% of Americans between the ages of 18 to 44 have tried plant-based medicine

45% of people who make $100K+ travel to improve their mental health


60% of people who have taken plant-based medicine did so to increase spiritual understanding

The current upscale resort market in the U.S. is not fulfilling this need ☝️

There are currently no resorts in the U.S. that offer plant-based healing experiences.


U.S. travelers are left with no choice but leave the country to partake in these experiences. Travelers now go out of their way to visit retreats and resorts across the globe, such as Myco Meditations in Jamaica, Synthesis in the Netherlands, and The Buena Vida in Mexico.

There is untapped potential for the emerging plant-based healing market 🪷

The plant-based healing market is expected to reach $10.7 billion by 2029, and the global wellness market will reach $1.2 trillion by 2027. (Bloomberg, 2021) 

The first all-inclusive plant-based healing resort in the U.S. would be a market leader, leading to strong brand recognition, customer loyalty, and the ability to shape the category.

Main Takeaway

Travelers are ready and eager to take control of their health using plant medicine, they just need a place to do it right and experts to guide them.

The Opportunity

Launch the first resort in the United States that utilizes and explores the unique benefits of plant-based medicine.


Aura Resort

The first (and only) all-inclusive upscale wellness resort in the U.S. that incorporates approachable plant medicine practices, taking guests on an intentional journey that expands their horizons and welcomes them to the future of natural healing.

Our mission is to make plant-based experiences approachable for vacationers on a journey of self-discovery.

Our approach allows for emotional and creative breakthroughs, personal growth, spiritual development, and an opportunity for guests to reconnect with themselves and the outside world.

We're located in...

Yachats, Oregon

Coastal town in the pacific northwest


Away from tourists and close to major cities


Beautiful, versatile climate year-round


Diverse landscape and wildlife


Oregon is a pioneer of the plant-based medicine movement

Aura Resort Packages

Plant-based medicines such as psilocybin (mushrooms), cannabis (THC), and cannabidiol (CBD) are offered to guests through various packages and activities to lead them on a journey of self-discovery and healing. 


Resort Activites

* activities can incorporate plant-based medicine

Personal Branding Inspiration (12).png

Free weights



Cycling Machines

Yoga Studio


Heated Salt water Pool

Personal Branding Inspiration (12).png

Meditation Sessions*

Affirmation Workshops

Sage cleansing*

Shaman reading

Sound healing sessions*

Breathwork sessions*

Integration Sessions

Journaling + Reflection*

Yoga Sessions*

Personal Branding Inspiration (12).png

Flourish fresh seafood restaurant

Surge vegan and vegetarian restaurant

Aura wellness cafe

Mocktail bar options

Personal Branding Inspiration (12).png

Kinetic king

Dreamy queen

Synergy suites

Immersed in the oregon forest

Views + access to the Oregon coast

Full list of upscale amenities

Personal Branding Inspiration (12).png
Personal Branding Inspiration (12).png



Energy Work*

Meditation Rooms*

Walking trails

Beach access

Grounding spaces

Ceremonial spaces

Expansive views

Onboarding Process

Before booking with Aura, guests are able to learn more about plant-based medicines, safety protocols, and best practices on the website.


When they’re ready to book, they’ll be prompted to complete an intake survey and phone call with an Aura expert to determine the best package suited to their needs.

On the Resort

Let's take the Aura shuttle around the resort!



Reception Desk |  Waiting Area | Mocktail Bar | Wellness Cafe 

Guests will be welcomed with opened arms at the Aura Resort reception desk. Here guests will check in, receive a care package, and gain access to their quaint abode. 


Welcome Packages

Every guest will receive a welcome package to ground them in their stay at Aura Resort. The package includes a key card for room access and an array of necessary comforts and remedies.


Quaint Abodes and Room Options

Once the guest has checked in at the reception desk and received their welcome package, they will be guided to their quaint abode nestled along the beautiful Oregon Coast. There are three different room and view options as well as a range of amenities to intentionally accommodate each guest.


Spa, Meditation, and Fitness

Here guests can exercise, meditate, and let off some steam in Aura Resort's various wellness rooms. Activities include: barre, cycling, yoga, meditation, sauna sessions, weightlifting, energy work, massages, and more.


Sacred Ceremonial
and Outdoor Spaces

Aura Resort is all about getting in touch with ourselves and in tune with the natural world. Our outdoor areas allow for guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Oregon Coast. Here, guests can practice, play, and gather. There are endless opportunities to practice yoga, meditation, participate in mindfulness workshops, and more.

Curious about Aura Resort?...

Visit our website and app to learn more

Untitled design (1).png

So what's next?...

Looking forward to the future ✨

Aura is an intentional trailblazer that seeks to expand the current function of wellness in the United States– one that is open to the wonderful possibilities of plant medicine practices. We envision a future that expands people’s mindsets and spreads these meaningful practices across the state of Oregon and throughout the United States.


As more states pass laws that legalize plant-based medicine, the market grows, people invest, and consumers seek out these practices we want to be a guiding light that brings these practices safely to market.

The Team

Arianna Gordon (Creative Brand Manager)

Vivian Tran (Creative Brand Manager)

Justin Zollar (Creative Brand Manager)

My Roles

Brand management, project management

Plant-medicine cultural audit research (legal, social, + societal)

Strategic concepting and direction

Building the business case

Aura resort concept and design

Aura brand design + brand video

Resort packages +  amenities build out

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