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As a kid I was a natural… ​

Explorer  that curiously wandered the forest behind my house during long summer days

Detective  that was always on the case to solve mysteries, contact aliens, and hunt down bigfoot

Rule-breaker  that scootered and rollerbladed inside the house

Artist  that drew all over everything, coloring outside of the lines and onto the walls

Builder  that constructed castles out of pillows couch cushions on the living room floor

Dreamer  that swore he was going to be the next Jeff Gordon

I am still inherently all of these things. I always have and always will carry a natural sense of curiosity and childlike wonder with me and apply that lens to exploring the world around me. This sentiment is who I am at my core and finds its way into everything that I do.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination!”  – Albert Einstein
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