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Brand Extension + Product Design | Embracing Coleman's furry companions

Project Ask

Create a brand extension that is in line with the Coleman brand and its rich history.

The Paw-portunity 🐾

Coleman's core campers are also pet parents and they are spending more time and energy with their loved ones.

The Extension

Including our furry friends by expanding Coleman's product offerings into the pet food market.

Gather 'round the campfire

Coleman is a classic American brand known for designing outdoor products that have revolutionized and enhanced the way we interact with the natural world.

The brand is most known for inventing the first ever gas powered lanterns and camping stoves followed by coolers, tents, sleeping bags, lighting, and more.

After 120 years, Coleman is wherever you are: on the trail, by the lake, at a tailgate, or in the middle of a music festival. Coleman is always at a place where there are friends, coolers, and campfires.

Today, Coleman is a brand that brings people together with passion and purpose to leave the outdoors better than we found it.

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With Coleman's brand story in mind, we were asked to create a brand extension that falls in line. Our research efforts led us to focus in on Coleman's core consumer and the relationship they have with the brand and the great outdoors.

Coleman makes the outdoors accessible for the average joe


Coleman found its niche with the outdoor recreationalist. Coleman is the perfect compliment to any recreational activity, whether it's chillin' in the backyard or hiking the Appalachian trail.

Our pets are truly family... and they go where we go


69 million U.S. households have a pet dog

60% of pet owners bring their furry friends on vacation with them

Over 50% of pet parents say they will take their pups hiking

Nearly 30% of pets go camping with their owners

Over 20% of traveling pets go to the mountains, a lake, or to visit family

In a time of uncertainty, pets have provided us with a sense of comfort, stability, and sense of identity... and now pet owners are giving back 


"During pandemic recovery, young adult pet parents will seek more ways to include their pets in activities away from home and will relish opportunities to make their pets happy" - Kristen Bosel, Senior Lifestyle Analyst at Mintel

Treats are the perfect way to show love to our pets

76% of pet owners believe that treats help strengthen their bond with their pet


Did I forget to mention that our pets already love Coleman?!

The Paw-Portunity 🐾

Fully embrace pets as a part of the Coleman community.


Expand product offerings into the pet food category.

Brand Design ✨


Sharing every adventure.

Mission Statement

At the end of each journey, take a paws (pause) to celebrate the little moments with your companion.

Why Companion?

A person or animal whom one spends a lot of time or whom one travels with.

A pair of things intended to complement or match each other; accompaniment.


Companion Pet Jerky

Sharing every adventure.

Story Coleman copy.png
Story Coleman copy.png

Product Features:

Pet and Human friendly jerky

Flavors: chicken, beef, and pork

22 oz packaging

Priced at $16.99 retail

Recycled and Recyclable Packaging 

Packaging Features:

"Coleman Red" border

Coleman endorsed logo

Tear-off top

Fully resealable

See through jerky window

Get Your Doggy Bag: Product Launch 🚀

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AK (2).png

The Team

Sarah Klotz (Creative Brand Manager)

Caroline Hastings (Experience Designer)

My Roles

Creative Brand Management

Coleman Brand, Consumer, and Market Research

Pet Food Market Research

Brand Design

Product Design

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