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Questioning reality as it pertains to oats

Winter '22 Live Client Pitch Winner

Spring '23 Richmond Ad Show Gold Medal Winner

Project Ask

Enlighten people to the fact that Oatly! makes more than oat milk.

Human Truth

Dairy is considered "real" and is the baseline for comparison.

The Way Forward

Instead of asking "does it taste like the real thing?" Oatly would prefer you ask "what is real?"

Background 🥛

Oatly self-describes as f*cking fearless and consistently inconsistent. 


Instead of a traditional marketing department, Oatly runs the Oatly Department of Mind Control– the creative, strategic mastermind behind the brand that starts necessary conversations with the world, in all forms that conversation takes.


The ODMC places value in creative experiences and advertising that is provocative, unexpected, and "out-of-the-box."

The brand’s popularity grew off the back of oat milk’s success but now the rest of Oatly's products need more awareness in other aisles of the grocery store.

Personal Branding Inspiration (16).png
Personal Branding Inspiration (17).png
Personal Branding Inspiration (17).png

Naturally, one of the first things we did was going out and try every Oatly product that we could get our hands on- and we had others try too.

We conducted a tasting and the sentiment amongst the taste-testers sounded like:

“This doesn't taste like yogurt to me!”

“So this is ice cream??”

“It’s good but it’s not as creamy as real yogurt.”

Human truth 🙋‍♂️ ...dairy is the baseline for comparison

The truth came to light: When people try plant-based products, they naturally compare them to the dairy counterpart.

This took us down a line of questioning: Why? Why is dairy the baseline for comparison? Why is oat milk deemed not real milk? What makes real milk, real milk? 

This line of questioning brought us to our strategy...


Creative Idea: The Oat-ology of Being (or, The Oatly Effect) 🌀

Oat-ology presents an abstract school of thought that questions the nature of reality as it pertains to oats.

Out of Home 

OATLY - OOH4 Mockup.png
MOCKUP - Large scale.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 9.32.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 9.28.46 PM.png
OATLY FINAL (2)_edited.jpg
OATLY FINAL (1)_edited.jpg
Personal Branding Inspiration (17)_edite


(IN SITU) - 4 - let oatly.jpg
(IN SITU) - 4 - expand your mind_edited.
Artboard 1.png
Artboard 2.png





Oatly Live Client Feedback

“We could produce some of this work right now!"

"We could tell you put a lot of time and effort in to think things through and match the tone of our brand”

"You have to be really smart to sound this dumb"

The Dream Team

My Roles

Personal Branding Inspiration (19).png

Oatly! Live Client Liaison

Brand Management

Project Management

Oatly Research

Consumer Research

Dairy Category and Culture Research

Strategy Development

Nailing the live client pitch

The Dream Team

Allison Fitzgerald (Strategist)

Michael Shea (Copywriter)

Meaghan McFarland (Experience Designer)

Morgan MacLachlan (Art Director)

Ethan McKay (Art Director)

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